These Beautiful Dresses are Creatively Made from Recycled Items

While haute couture designers are looking to infuse the best and most expensive materials into their garments, fashion design instructor Leah McCall strives to inspire creativity and imagination amongst her design class, and these upcycled household garments certainly challenges our perception of what beauty can be.

McCall's fashion design class was inspired to create a fashion line that showcased apparel made completely from recycled household items. This concept encouraged the students to look beyond ordinary materials, to things that people wouldn't normally consider utilizing on gowns or dresses. Using such items as old magazines, newspaper, plastic forks and spoons, garbage bags and tin cans, the design students were able to beautifully design catwalk-ready outfits, which were amazingly avant-garde.

These students were able to showcase that fashion is not just about high quality couture, but rather anyone can make something beautifully stunning if they have the passion and commitment to follow through with it.