'Bazango Creative' Turns Trash to Treasured Hipster Threads

Bazango Creative has developed an eco-friendly way to dispose of old house paint, while creating hot hip fashion pieces at a low cost. The Los Angeles-based company collects house paints that would have gone to waste, or ended up polluting lakes or landfills, and customizes articles of clothing using various colors. Jeans, jackets, shirts, shoes and even suits can all receive the Bazango Creative treatment, and the company even offers customers the option of sending in their own pieces to be customized. The graffiti-inspired designs are bright and bold, and would definitely turn heads in all the right ways.

With the revival of street art and grunge clothing, a paint splattered jacket from Bazango Creative might even make Lady Gaga jealous. I absolutely love the environmentally-conscious initiative this company has taken, and I hope to soon have a customized Bazango Creative piece of my own!