- May 28, 2014
A certain celebrity turns 29 years old today, so it is only natural that these tributes to Carey Mulligan would be in order. Starring in a slew of stunning fashion editorials as well as inspiring artists with her waif-like good looks, she is a actress who has managed to navigate the modern world of celebrity like a champ.

Even being married to the front man of Mumford & Sons hasn't thrust the young blonde beauty in a gossip-worthy limelight. Instead, these tributes to Carey Mulligan are classy and sophisticated, just like she is. With an impressive film career already under her belt, as well as a few more exciting projects in the works, she has garnered a fan base that truly love and respect her. Happy birthday, Carey!

From Bubble-Encased Celeb Editorials to Illustrated Vogue Covers: