- Jan 27, 2014
An Alexander McQueen shoe holds a certain luxury and style unlike any other pair of designer footwear. This designer puts all his quirky creativity and elegant style into each beautiful creation.

Alexander McQueen is know for his shocking designs such as a collection based on black bridal gowns. This designer knows no limits to imagination and creativity, which would explain 'Alien vs Predator' styled footwear that bares his name. A heel is never too high nor is a design ever too outlandish or impossible when it comes to the making of an Alexander McQueen shoe. Skeleton style shoes to sea creature-infested footwear all hold the McQueen name with quirky pride and infinite style.

This designer is all for breaking style barriers and necks when a fan in these shoes struts by.

There's No Footwear Better Than a Alexander McQueen Shoe: