Alexander McQueen's Geisha-Style Footwear

 - May 17, 2008
These shoes were designed by Alexander McQueen, and look as though they were inspired by the recently popular, traditional Japanese Geisha look.

I have to say I have never seen anything more hideous than this double-planked aberration.

"I'm surprised he actually got a model to wear (and probably walk in) the ugly shoe that was balanced on two hideous planks," Styleguru notes. "I mean we all know how the best and most coveted shoes are SUPPOSED to hurt, should they really be dangerous enough that if one manages to trip and fall thanks to killer heels like these, the chances of the wearer ending up in a hospital with a serious concussion are a certainty and not a possibility!"

I'd rather walk barefoot on a bed of hot, smoldering coals before wearing this shoes.

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