The Unicorn Hooves by Oonacat are Magically Heelless

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: etsy & ohgizmo
The Unicorn Hooves make for a unique addition to any outfit. For those looking to create a memorable impression whether trotting down a busy street or going to a party, this pair of fantastical footwear is just the ticket. Not only are the Unicorn Hooves inspired by the legs of magical unicorns, hence its straightforward name, they take cues from heelless designs, which Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga helped make popular.

Designed by Salt Lake-based Oonacat, the idea for the Unicorn Hooves was born after wanting to create a costume based on Tim Curry's devil character in the movie 'Legend.' Since then, Oonacat has created more innocent designs such as the Unicorn Hooves. They are hand-sculpted and cast urethane using professional grade materials only.