The Bata Shoe Museum

This is not quirky British designer Alexander McQueen's latest footwear collection. These shoes are part of the Bata Shoe Museum which is a historical collection of European shoes representative of footwear worn in Europe going back to the renaissance.

The lead pair of shoes in the gallery are silk embroidered footwear from the 17th century. The next pair of shoes were worn by a lady-in-waiting for Queen Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603). Next are silk-embroidered mules fashioned after tulips from the 17th century. The odd-looking pair which follow are called “chopines”. They are embellished by silk and velvet and are dated to 1580-1620. The 2 pairs after that are silk embroidered shoes from the 1700's. Next are black satin boots which are embroidered with tulips and peacocks and are dated to 1880-1885. The last pair of shoes in the gallery are “Adelaide” boots circa 1855.

Shoes have not really changed that much through time. Have they?