Aiste Nesterovaite Scarves Collection Recovers Old Shirts and Sweaters

 - Oct 24, 2011
References: aistenesterovaite & mocoloco
Lithuanian designer Aiste Nesterovaite's Scarves Collection unites sustainable fashion design and DIY principles in an effortless way.

The pieces of the Aiste Nesterovaite Scarves Collection are made out of sweater, jacket and shirt parts mixed with scraps of other fabrics to create funky, colorful, high-quality neckwear that you can wear for any occasion. This very wearable and eco-conscious collection includes warm vests and curious necklaces too, all made of resurrected textile garments. A nice example to follow before you throw out grandpa's old, worn cardigans.

Aiste Nesterovaite is a designer, design curator and co-founder of the Hotel of Things design shop, along with partner Dalia Mauricaite. The Aiste Nesterovaite Scarves Collection is also an exhibition of wearable design at the Galerie Sofie Lachaert in Gent, Belgium.

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