From Upcycled Household Garments to Recycled Swimwear Couture

 - Aug 15, 2013
Finding ways to infuse eco-friendly methods into your daily lifestyle is a great way to help out the planet, and these chic upcycled fashion designs are here to showcase that recyclable clothing can be just as stylish as any other haute couture label.

The process of upcycling is a very environmentally conscious way to make the most use out of ordinary or discarded material, and turn them into something amazingly brand new and reusable again. These creative upcycled clothing examples have all been made from a variety of different types of material, demonstrating that even the most mundane object can be turned into a chic ensemble.

From prom dresses made entirely from household items to pop cans turned into stylish gowns, these chic upcycled fashion designs are showcasing how to add a more eco-friendly touch to your wardrobe.