This DIY Activity Turns Two Tees into a Fabulous Hooded Shirt

If you love wearing hoodies and are looking for a more cost effective way to add some of these comfy clothing pieces to your wardrobe, then this DIY activity will let you turn ordinary tees into an awesome hooded shirt.

With the amount of plain t-shits most people have lying around their closets, what better way to utilize those shirts than by turning them into a completely new piece of clothing? Simply choose two shirts that you would like to combine together. Lay the first one down flat and cut out a v-neck line at the top. Measure out that neckline on your second shirt and cut out a hooded shape to attach to it. Next, simply sew the two pieces together and you're left with an amazing new hoodie!

Featured on the blog 'Mark Montano,' this DIY activity is a great way to turn your old or unused shirts into something completely new.