The Jeans Sandal Boots by DaniKshoes are Pants for the Feet

 - Nov 15, 2012
References: etsy & ohgizmo
The summer of 2013 may see the advent of a fashion fad involving upcycled denim sandals unimaginatively (and perhaps a tad bit confusedly) dubbed Jeans Sandal Boots. Completely made by hand out of vintage jeans, the reason they take on the labels of both 'sandal' and 'boot' is because of its opened toe, high-ankled design. With that explanation, the name of the Jeans Sandal Boots is a little easier to swallow.

Designed by Danielle, who is based in Haifa, Israel, and the Etsy shop owner of DaniKshoes, the Jeans Sandal Boots retain the signature features of a pair of jeans including the zipper, button, pocket and leather label. Although some of the sandals are all-denim, others have added details including animal print fabrics for more pizazz.