This Clever DIY Project Turns Ripped Hosiery into Handy Mittens

 - Mar 18, 2013
References: archieandtherug
While the instant reaction to ripped socks is usually to throw them out, these upcycled sock gloves creatively demonstrates how you can turn your old and torn pieces of hosiery into useful mittens.

Finding a hole in your sock is such a hassle, because it usually means that you need to get rid of it. This DIY project however, is able to turn these useless socks into very practical glove designs. Simply cut off the foot area of your ripped socks, fold the edges slightly inwards and sew it to keep them in place. Next, measure the placement of your thumb and then stitch around to secure the edges. While this glove design may leave your fingers feeling a bit breezy, it is definitely a great way to keep your wrists and arms nice and cozy.

Featured on the blog 'Archie and the Rug,' this creative DIY project is a fantastic way to make use of worn out items and turn them into something useful.