Twosquaremeter Knitwear is Apparel that Benefits the Skin

 - Oct 15, 2011
References: twosquaremeter & springwise
Fashion and beauty have been combined in this innovation knitwear brand, Twosquaremeter. This fashion label from the German clothing company Innovation and Clothing Factory creates knitwear that actually has skin-healing benefits.

How is this possible? Apparently Twosquaremeter's clothing is made from biological yarns that contain either milk or seaweed fibers, which are believed to nourish the skin. The milk proteins required to make the milk-based knitwear are extracted from natural milk that is skimmed and drained. And if you're thinking of the spoiled milk smell, think again. According to the brand, the fibers bind to sweat, which actually neutralizes the smell. To create the seaweed apparel, cotton is combined with seaweed and the garment goes through a special process so that the beneficial seaweed fibers don't lose their skin-healing properties when washed.