Indian Company SHARDA Makes the Old New Again

 - Jan 19, 2011   Updated: May 24 2011
References: shardaindia
Indian company SHARDA design produces eco products to be proud of. Using scrap materials from jeans, silk ties and other pieces of discarded clothing, they are taking upcycling to a whole new level.

Their new collection shown recently at Heimtex fair in Frankfurt was dazzling and
SHARDA does it all while operating according to ISO-standards with their in-house team of textile designers.

Implications - With society adopting a greener attitude, many are demanding eco products out of companies. Larger companies are using sustainable material while small-time entrepreneurs in design have opted for an even simpler solution with vintage material. This has given certain products a vintage edge that consumers are attracted to due to its natural aesthetic and eco-friendly nature. The reuse of scrap objects is a cost-efficient method for companies to use and it makes them look friendlier to the eco-conscious consumer.