United by Blue Removes One Pound of Trash from Oceans for Every Item Sold

 - Jul 31, 2011
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The name United by Blue almost seems to say it all, and yet there is so much more to this company than meets the eye. United by Blue is an environmental and social business that was created in May 2010 by Brian Linton as a result of his passion for the blue movement towards keeping oceans and waterways clean.

As opposed to the thousands of other socially conscious companies who begin and end with donations towards causes, United by Blue takes their blue movement mission into their own hands. Founder Brian Linton describes his thought process behind creating United by Blue way by saying, "this company would be different. It would not give money away, but instead associate the sale of each product with a concrete environmental action." The kind of concrete action Linton is talking about it United by Blue's mission to remove 1 pound of trash from waterways and oceans for every 1 item sold. In fact, according to the United by Blue website they estimate the company will have removed 1 million pounds of trash by the close of 2012. At the same time, however, United by Blue's cause isn't strictly environmental. Since clean water is an essential for human life, the state of the world's oceans has enormous impacts on human issues including food production and the ability to access water.

With the abundance of spectacular sustainable jewelry and t-shirts with suiting titles like 'Shark Finning,' 'Raining Oil' and 'Overfished,' there really is something for everyone on the United by Blue site. Each of these artistic t-shirts come in a variety of faded colors that are meant to resemble harbor-front buildings that have faded naturally over time. To top it off, all of the t-shirts sold by United by Blue are organic, plastic-free, high-quality and they even give purchasers the opportunity to specify what region they would like their purchase to help clean trash from.

To quote United by Blue, "after all, the Blue Movement is all about rediscovering and restoring one of the greatest Hidden Gems of all: our oceans." This company itself truly is a hidden gem.

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Implications - Companies who merely donate funding towards organizations should consider taking their charitable efforts one step further. Through ensuring employees have a deep passion toward the causes a business believes in, that business has a better opportunity of getting 110% out of every employee. Businesses that work together stay together, just as United by Blue does with each of their ocean cleanups.