Hessnatur by Clodagh is Simply Stylish and Green

 - Jan 12, 2011
References: clodagh & us.hessnatur
Hessnatur by Clodagh is a straight-forward line of eco-conscious clothing that, thankfully, doesn’t fool around with ostentatious add-ons or try to be anything more than it is.

With basic and comfortable designs, the earth-friendly apparel is positive and forward-thinking without needing to brag about it — a quality that is definitely appealing and surprisingly refreshing when it comes to a line of casual clothing. And although Clodagh is first and foremost an interior design organization, they clearly and successfully demonstrate in the Hessnatur by Clodagh line that the same sensibilities that led them to be successful in that market are also applicable in the fashion game. Indeed, the company deserves commendation for having the courage to step outside their comfort zone in order to explore a new and exciting market so fearlessly.