- Jul 18, 2013
1920s fashion has made a huge resurgence due to the popularity of the release of The Great Gatsby. From fun flapper fringes to dropped waistlines and bejewelled headdresses, there is tons of inspiration to take from the 20s and reinterpret for a modern audience. The opulence of the 1920s provides the perfect fuel for glamorous wedding-day looks, party dresses and dapper suits for men.

Although this was an era that experienced prohibition, there were also many reasons to celebrate -- defiant flappers made radical changes to women's fashion and the discovery of King Tut's tomb brought on an Egyptian-inspired craze and these advances were celebrated in 1920s fashion.

There are plenty of technological advances that are reason enough to celebrate today, although you hardly need a reason to put on a fabulous fringed flapper dress.

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