The Samy Sfoggia Imitations of Vintage Past Has a Beautiful Edge to It

Re-creating the past is something many artists try to do, but the final product often ends up looking like poorly based imitations of vintage artworks that simply can't be recreated with expensive high-tech equipment. Visual artist Samy Sfoggia has created these alluring old school black white stills that are based on 1920s criminal mugshots.

The photos have a definite old world feel to them, but with a distinct edge to them that separates the photos from your everyday run of the mill art student photos. Sfoggia mostly uses film cameras and black and white negative films to capture these beautifully haunting shots of criminalized portraits. With every passing day more and more people seem to think that just because they've spent over a thousand dollars on a DSLR means they're a photographer. Workmanship such as these simply can't be bought.