- Sep 28, 2013
Fashion is continually borrowing from the past in order to reinvent itself in the present. It’s no surprise, then, that vintage-inspired editorials and retro fashion photo spreads are popular among fashionistas.

Recycling (and modernizing) our favorite looks from the past can be a super fun pastime, whether it’s Twiggy’s iconic look, the classic Bettie Page Pin-Up style or romantic Victorian ensembles. Each decade has a unique aesthetic that has been immortalized, re-imagined and revamped for today.

Fashion is an exciting way to stroll down memory lane or take part in dynamic fashion moments that you weren’t around for when they originally occurred. If you feel like you were born in the wrong decade -- don’t fret; fashion will always be an outlet for experimentation.

From Punk Victorian Fashion to Lively Twiggy Photoshoots: