The Flair Italy April 2012 Bruna Dayan Photoshoot is Vintage and Plotting

 - May 31, 2012
References: brunodayan & xaxor
This Flair Italy April 2012 editorial draws retro enthusiasts into a haunting 1950s-themed getaway. Model Linnea Regnander is found wrapped up in head scarves with her eyes completely covered by horn-rimmed glasses, leaning up in front of old-fashioned automobiles amid nostalgic hotels.

Regnander appears poised for an elaborate escape plan all throughout this April 2012 Flair Italy editorial. The inns, cars and lobby bars are reminiscent of an on-the-go lifestyle, and the large hand bag totted by Regnander suggests her eagerness to commence this high-speed life.

Photographer Bruno Dayan captured the faded orange, brown and off-white hues, the very colors used to decorate 50s settings. Dayan also managed to flawlessly deliver the production's desperate undertones, picking up on Regnander's plotting behavior.