From Split Personality Jewelry to Soulful Schizophrenic Art

 - Nov 14, 2013
These split personality objects can't quite seem to make up their minds about what kind of object they want to be. Some of these creations totally embody the concept of split personalities very literally, often with forms that are actually divided in half by two separate parts.

Themes explored within split personalities include figures from classic literature like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, representations of schizophrenia, visual contrasts and multiple voices. Although there are some negative associations with some of these mental disorders because they can seem tortured or indecisive, some of these works can prove to be quite beautiful, like necklaces that are divided down the middle and feature a different kind of jewel or beading on opposite sides.

These artful interpretations of dissociative identity disorder take an inspiration that is chaotic and turn it into something quite poetic.