The Corliss Chair is Inspired by the Founder of the Steam Engine

 - May 23, 2012
References: studiodunn & contemporist
The Corliss Chair might look like it has a split personality, but its dual nature has been created in such a way that they complement each other beautifully--just like the concept of yin and yang. While some may view the Corliss Chair as a psychological disorder, the makers behind it describe it as the "spitting image of revolution." That is because it represents both traditional and modern American sensibilities.

Designed by Studio DUNN, a design firm based in Providence, Rhode Island, the Corliss Chair contrasts a maple seat and legs with an aluminum backrest. Graceful and driven by comfort, the Corliss Chair pays homage to George Corliss, who was the founder of the first independently-powered steam engine.