Pierre Emmi Explores the Media's Impact on Our Mind

 - Apr 11, 2011
References: 3mmi.org & 3mmi.org
The Mass Mediatus, also referred to as Brain vs. Media, by Pierre-Alain Emmi brings an impressive morbid visual translation of mass media's impact on our brains.

The girl in the image with the bloodied cut mouth brings a scary feel to the piece; the words on her forehead explore how the media can sometimes overflow our minds and curse it. Combined with her schizophrenic look, the fiery orange visuals above her hair, which depict what's in her thoughts, creatively bring a depiction of the sad effect 21st-century media has over us with its everyday negative news sensationalism. Displaying words such as "enemy," "rescue" and "war," the image opens your mind to interpret the art and the words in it however you want.

Pierre-Alain Emmi's sinister message about the media's impact on our minds shows what a brilliant artist he is.