- Jun 4, 2013
If you love sultry supernatural werewolf TV characters, these Teen Wolf-inspired creations are the perfect dark finds for you.

Up there with Twilight and Vampire Diaries, MTV's hit show Teen Wolf has quickly grown to become a hugely popular supernatural show with some serious hunky-looking werewolf boys. At the beginning of June, season three of Teen Wolf premiered and many fans were excited over the return of their favorite mysterious teen-drama. Over the last three seasons, many Teen Wolf-inspired creations have flooded the market. From werewolf-inspired couture, supernatural art pieces to undead-inspired clothing, Teen Wolf has made a huge impact on reviving the werewolf culture since the days of Twilight.

From smoky supernatural photography to faux fur wolf hoodies, these Teen Wolf-inspired creations are sure to get anyone werewolf ready for season three of Teen Wolf.

Inspired By the Long-Awaited Teen Wolf's Season 3 Premier: