Kelly Perry Illustrates Females Dressed in Beastly Garbs

 - Dec 13, 2011
References: kellyperryart & lacarpa.tumblr
I bet you've never envisioned Little Red Riding Hood the way Kelly Perry has envisioned the classic fairy tale character. After all, the female protagonist is usually depicted as innocuous while Perry has illustrated her as an adolescent youth who's actually sporting the fur of the predatory Big Bad Wolf. I guess everyone knows who won that fight.

Kelly Perry is a freelance illustrator currently residing in northern California. She's an absolute force to be reckoned with in the fantasy art department as she's able to integrate a sophisticated elegance to her bestial paintings that isn't commonly seen among artists in the industry. She often renders females with animal elements present in some form in her compositions. Perry's ability to imagine such vivid characters speaks of the amazing talent she possesses.