- Apr 18, 2013
Architectural art is something that we’re surrounded by on a daily basis, but hardly ever take the time to ask questions about or study. This list of examples of phenomenal architectural artworks may feature structures you may find fascinating or just straight up bizarre, but it goes to show that the people responsible for constructing the buildings we eat, sleep and live in make magic with their designs.

Featuring everything from Liz Hickock’s edible architecture that sees this artist making miniature buildings out of jello, to Marjan Teeuwen’s destructive apocalyptic architecture, this list isn’t about the size or style of buildings, but rather what they’re being used to express.

Buildings and how we use their space can really be a fascinating adventure, which many of the artists on this list have chosen to use as a way to express themselves.

From Jello Palaces to Book Made Buildings, Architectural Art is Boundless: