Granular Spa Haus' Sculptural Cladding is Indicative of its Interior

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: upenn12.blogspot & suckerpunchdaily
The designer of the Granular Spa Haus didn't dress the building with elaborate abstract forms just for the sake of it, his intention was really to establish a new architectural language that translates the program on the inside onto the facade.

So as avant-garde as this housing complex and health center might appear, its skin is actually an honest expression of the spatial organization within. It might also surprise you to learn that these seemingly futuristic and fluid forms have actually been inspired by the sculptural motifs of Gothic vault designs.

Michael Iskandar's project acquaints old styles and new with a creativity and logic that are timeless. The Granular Spa Haus embodies a structural and decorative honesty that is quite pronounced for an example of contemporary architecture.