A2BC's Farmhouse Architecture Mixes Modern Style with Rustic Living

 - Apr 4, 2013
References: a2bc.eu & thisispaper
For most people, the idea of living in a farmhouse brings up images of hay, cows and spiders, but for design collective A2BC, farmhouse architecture is all about proving naysayers wrong with their revamped designs that see once hay filled halls transformed into sleek, modern-looking structures.

Sitting in the hillside of Cinque Terre, Luguria, A2BC's chic farmhouse architecture project has designers restoring, rebuilding and expanding an old farmhouse into a beauty of modern=day architecture. Featuring a main house attached to a barn, this farmhouse features high ceilings, spacey rooms and white decor that accentuates all the beauty of rural living while wondrously making this space seem futuristic.

Featuring two floors of redesign, A2BC's farmhouse architecture is moving quiet country life miles closer to the bright lights and contemporary feel of the city.