- Apr 18, 2014
They say that two's company and three's a crowd, usually meaning that a crowd isn't exactly ideal, however, these hub-empowered social enterprises might have you to think about that tired saying twice.

From urban farm networks to youth tech bootcamps, it takes a village to create positive social change. Take Bombay Connect (previously known as Bombay Hub), for instance, a social enterprise based in India that is partnered with the UnLtd chapter of the same country, which offers a co-working space including a cool terrace to chill out and chat on.

And that's why we love hub-empowered social enterprises: it's not simply all work and no play. For social entrepreneurs, working tends to combine what you love and what you were meant to do, which is, of course, to impact others.

The Crowd is Where You Want to Be for Positive Change: