From Easily Adaptable Abodes to Luxuriously Domed Retreats

 - Jun 30, 2014
When people think of Africa, it is easy to get caught up with visions of the continent's wildlife, landscapes and overall exotic culture; yet these examples of African architecture show a different side of the adventurous destination that encourage people to reevaluate their initial perceptions. With an eye for modernity that is often associated with Singapore, Dubai and North America, many African homes, hotels and cultural hubs are contemporary and innovative.

From sleek abodes fit for tech-savvy individuals to retreats that focus as much on its natural surroundings as it does on luxurious accommodations, these examples of African architecture suggest that its cities are appealing to upper-class tourists and tastemakers alike. Yet many of the designs still keep in mind its heritage in order to make the experience as unique and representative as possible.