Mahali Mzuri by Richard Branson is a Spacious African Getaway

Mahali Mzuri is Sir Richard Branson's luxurious getaway set at a safari camp in Kenya. The domed cabins include a spacious living room, bedroom and bathroom, plus views of the surrounding areas and plains below. However, staying here could put you back a few dollars, as the price is not cheap.

Overall, the structures have a domed architectural style, which actually blend into the hillsides quite well. Branson wanted to keep the environmental impact of these designs quite low, and not overrun the area with a huge development. As such, these abodes are scattered throughout the hillside and don't take over this region of Kenya. Local workers were hired for the project, and Branson ensure the nearby communities were involved in the entire process so as not to burn bridges with the people in the area. Photo Credits: designboom,