- Jul 17, 2015
Whether you are an avid swimmer or not, these spectacular swimming pool designs are sure to make you want to jump in the water. For those who do not live near a natural body of water, swimming pools provide a great way to beat the heat. From ocean-integrated architecture to tiny balcony pools, these aquatic retreats are the perfect way to spend some time in the water.

Some of the most impressive swimming pool designs are those that are integrated into the natural environment. While taking a dip in the pool is not quite the same as swimming in the ocean, many of these designs manage to provide a similar experience. Some of the most spectacular pool designs include naturally filtered pools, pond-like public baths and seamless aquatic architecture.

However, not all pools are designed to mimic natural bodies of water. Rather, some pool designs utilize unorthodox materials and unusual layouts to provide a unique swimming experience. For example, there are miniature pools located on the balconies of apartment buildings, expansive indoor pools and even pools shaped like musical instruments.

From Posh Portable Ocean Pools to Violin-Shaped Pools: