The Plus Pool Concept Would Help Restore City Lakes

 - Jul 19, 2013
References: kickstarter
Living in a major city has many positives, except that swimming in local lakes is impossible because of pollution; however, with the Plus Pool, swimming in New York’s lakes may soon be possible.

Creators of the +Pool realized that instead of trying to clean the entire lake at once, tackling smaller pieces at a time was the way to go. This is how the concept of the +Pool started. Although it is still in concept phase, participants are able to buy a tile of the pool in order to help with production. The Plus Pool will act as a filter, cleaning the designated area of the lake, and for the first time ever people will be able to swim in New York City. This concept is not only an exciting idea as a pool, but also an incredible idea environmentally. With the Plus Pool, swimming in many major cities may happen in the near future.