The Song Saa Private Island Eco Hotel is Opulent and Mesmerizing

 - Mar 5, 2014
References: songsaa & honestlywtf
Enjoying a private island eco hotel is no longer only a luxury that billionaires can afford; us "normal" people can enjoy it too in the likes of this breathtaking Song Saa Private Island Hotel.

Looking like something out of a movie, this stunning eco hotel is a luxurious haven nestled in between mountain and sea in the Gulf of Thailand.

Accessible to anyone who has some cash to spend, the Song Saa Private Island Hotel sits amongst the Koh Rong Islands along the Cambodian coast and has views that will leave you mesmerized. Everything about this place is just perfect, from the beautiful untouched beaches to the azure blue waters to the opulent yet rustic and modern decor of the hotel.

With 26 thatch roofed villas that look good enough to be featured in the latest design magazines -- each villa has its own private pool and outdoor bath -- and a beachside galore of activities like snorkeling, diving and kayaking, the eco hotel is the perfect retreat.