Studio Octopi Designs Public Pools in the River Thames

 - Jan 15, 2014
References: octopi & dezeen
If Studio Octopi gets its way, then Londoners will be swimming in the River Thames in 20 years time. The London-based architecture studio has developed the pools in response to the proposed Super Sewer. The Super Sewer was created by Thames Water and would reportedly be able to clean the river of 96 percent of its sewage if the company gets permission to move forward with the project.

If permission to construct the Super Sewer is granted, then it could be up and running by 2023. Studio Octopi's plan is to install two swimming pools in the Thames that are refilled by the river and surrounded by natural vegetation. Studio Octopi hopes its pools will bring Londoners together as well as encourage people to get active and become interested in the River's plants.