The Ramzi Towers High-Rise is Located on an Exclusive Nigerian Island

Ramzi Towers is a residential project being constructed in Victoria Island, an exclusive island that forms part of the Nigerian capital Lagos. This luxurious residential high-rise property, designed by London-based SPARK Architects and commissioned by Athena Capital Investment, aims to raise the bar for contemporary urban living in the booming city.

SPARK describes the building's design as "a uniquely African solution which responds to local climatic, social, financial and cultural drivers." Ramzi Towers will be fitted with sprayed concrete curved shells which provide six key solutions -- structure, water-proofing, air-tightness, fire protection, solar protection and wind resistance. These shells will also provide a distinctive, curvaceous silhouette certain to stand out in Lagos' skyline.

Ramzi Towers will offer panoramic views of downtown Lagos towards the Atlantic Ocean. Each of the buildings suites will be orientated to provide maximum daylight.