Symbiotic Vaulting Lets Nature, Neighborhoods and Airlines to Coexist

 - Aug 12, 2012
References: cargocollective & suckerpunchdaily
Compared to more developed countries of the world, Gabon is unlikely to be as concerned with a shortage of space for infrastructure. All the same, Symbiotic Vaulting suggests some important considerations for an industry that might take off in Africa. Designers Rebecca Bartlett and Conway Pedron have collaborated on a project that would expand the Libreville International Airport, without having to occupy a much greater area.

This is accomplished by creating a two-tier program, thus allowing the rhythm of urban life to continue on site and underneath and remain safe from potential plans to displace it. Similarly, the surrounding ecosystems would not need to be greatly impacted by the growth of the airfield and associated structures. In fact, Symbiotic Vaulting proposes the integration of nature right into the architecture.