The Africanews Headquarters is Elevated off the Ground

 - May 14, 2014
References: mikoustudio & designboom
The Africanews Headquarters looks like it's been raised up on powerful stilts, capable of holding a cubed structure overhead. The building was proposed by Mikou Design Studio, and the structure will hopefully be built in the Congo.

As of now this is just a proposed design for the media outlet, but over time if could become a reality. As stated on DesignBoom, "the building is comprised of a two-story glass volume at the ground level, with a large elevated structure above, which is lifted by four massive pillars." Sunshades would also be placed on the outside of the building, allowing for more control of the heat and ability to filter air throughout the design, since it would get quite hot here all year round. Photo Credits: designboom, mikoustudio