- Jul 20, 2015
These eco-friendly office solutions are not only sustainable, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. By utilizing revolutionary building materials and unorthodox designs, these buildings demonstrate that it is possible to make modern office buildings more eco-friendly.

One of the major innovations in eco-friendly office design is the ability to bring the natural environment indoors. Beyond simple potted plants, these new buildings are designed with the goal of integrating man-made structures into the natural environment. Some interesting examples of nature-infused offices include sunken workspaces, foliage-covered interiors and sustainable rooftop gardens.

Instead of relying on natural elements, some eco-friendly office solutions utilize more high-tech materials. By using recycled materials and energy-efficient designs, these office building put an eco-friendly twist on modern office architecture. These contemporary eco buildings feature a number of innovative designs, including heat-deflecting windows, solar panels and walls made from scrap materials.

From Tree Top Studio Structures to Garden-Embedded Interiors: