Company FiftyThree Uses a Closed-off Open Concept for Brainstorming

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: fiftythree & designboom
Contemporary workspaces are far from the age-old, closed-off cubicles, and FiftyThree is a company working to stay ahead of the work-environment curb. Its office is now equipped with transparent pods for working, allowing users some piece and quiet while still gaining energy from those around them.

Granted, many introverts would argue that open office spaces are more of a hindrance than a help - it really just depends on your working style. However, for those who gain inspiration and are motivated by those working around them, this transparent pod at company FiftyThree could be the ideal solution for peace and quiet in the midst of a bustling office. Just remember that although you feel cut off from the sounds of the surrounding workspace, people can still look in and see you!Photo Credits: designboom, fiftythree