- Feb 20, 2015
Encouraging creativity in the workplace can be a daunting task for many managers, yet this collection of brainstorming techniques can make all the difference. It ranges quite a bit in order to show that creativity can be tapped in a myriad of ways, from the environment people work in to the tools they use and, of course, the support they get from their company.

One of the most stand out items in this collection of brainstorming techniques happens to be a kit put together for the sole purpose of encouraging employees to dive further into an idea they have or to feel confident to start exploring such possibilities. Called the Adobe Kickbox, it is filled with the usual suspects such as pens and notepads, but it also comes with a $1000 pre-paid credit card for whatever else they may need.

By investing in brainstorming techniques such as these, workplaces can go above and beyond what they currently do.

From Smart Whiteboard Markers to Creativity Boxes: