Totem by Smart Interaction Lab Creates Better Meetings of the Mind

 - Aug 30, 2013
References: smartinteractionlab & fastcodesign
As much as brainstorming sessions are meant to be free arenas in which people brew up a variety of different ideas, it can often become a skewed experience depending on who is involved in the meeting of minds; that's where Totem by Smart Interaction Lab comes in. The award-winning design and innovation consulting firm has effectively created a set of three toy-like objects that help to facilitate better brainstorming sessions.

Totem by Smart Interaction Lab helps to avoid a classic scenario that Carla Diana, head of Smart Interaction Lab, describes, "It’s very common for one or two people to dominate a brainstorm. It also makes those people who feel timid feel more timid." For instance, the Baton acts like a talking stick, vibrating and buzzing after about four minutes.