The Brainstorming Room Offers Walls and Floors as Blank Pages

 - Mar 1, 2013
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Anyone with big ideas could appreciate the value of this Brainstorming Room. Perhaps your thoughts are too abstract and expansive to suit the tiny and two-dimensional medium of the notebook. Felix Guyon's solution for marketing firm Sid Lee was to redesign part of the office to inspire employees.

Even the entrance into this space is enchanting. You'll feel like you're Alice in Wonderland, standing before a small door that's set into a distorted border. Inside you'll be bathed in sunlight reflecting off of the white walls, simulating your sense of creativity.

The designer left the ducts and pipes in the ceiling visible, painting them white and allowing their presence to contribute to the dynamism of the Brainstorming Room. Whimsical shelving units were integrated and illustrations are splattered across many of the surfaces.