Powerhouse Kjorbo is the First Building Renovated to Be Energy-Positive

 - May 13, 2014
References: powerhouse.no & gizmag
Powerhouse Kjorbo, an office building located near the Norwegian capital Oslo, has been renovated to be able to produce more energy than it consumes. This makes the building Norway's first energy-positive building and the first building in the world to be renovated into an energy-positive structure.

Powerhouse Kjorbo is fitted with solar panels that are expected to produce over 200,000 Kilowatt-hours every year, with all excess, unused energy being fed back to the power grid. The building is equipped with tight-fitting walls, ceilings and windows to minimize heat loss. Exterior sun shading and exposed concrete decks help keep the building cool in the summer.

The renovation of Powerhouse Kjorbo was the result of a collaboration between firms looking to work together to develop energy-positive buildings. The group includes architecture firm Snohetta, construction company Skanska, environmental organization Zero, aluminum supplier Hydro and property management company Entra Eiendom.