The Wohnwagon Trailer Home Can Fend For Itself

 - Jul 14, 2015
References: & gizmag
The Wohnwagon trailers are incredible trailer homes that are designed to be highly compact whilst also offering self-sufficiency. These trailers offer up to 269 square meters of living space and offer off-grid electricity, water and waste systems. Their versatility allows them to be used as offices, guest rooms or cafes.

Each trailer features four rooftop solar panels that offer a peak output of 1.2 kilowatts, with surplus energy being stored in a battery system situated beneath the floor. The system does require thoughtful use of energy but promises enough output for comfortable living around the year.

The Wohnwagon trailers are also highly customizable and can be tweaked for different kinds of uses. This, in addition to its eco-friendly features, makes it the kind of trailer home many people crave in this day and age.