From Steampunk-Inspired Chess Sets to Steampunk Contraption Cafes

 - Sep 7, 2015
The lasting popularity of retro-futuristic science fiction and fantasy is evident with these steampunk-influenced designs.

Although there is no shortage of fantastical subgenres within the movement, steampunk is generally associated with 19th century steam-powered machinery and innovation. With this subcluture's clear devotion and appreciation to discovery, invention and imagination, it's no wonder that many designs in the world of fashion, home decor and even architecture often pay homage to this gothic neo-Victorian movement.

Everything from timepieces, coffee makers, sculpted figurines and artwork is able to be tinkered and tailored into a steampunk-influenced creation. The antique yet advanced nature of the fictional steampunk genre allows for intriguing elements of both the past and future to creatively shine through.