This Intricate Steampunk Safe-Box Brings Art to Protection

The intricate details of this steampunk box gives a whole new meaning to protection. No longer does protecting your valuables mean you have to use a big, bland safe. This steampunk-inspired safe-box brings the beautiful details found in cogs and gears to create a work of art. The gold and silver gears are a glamorous differentiation from your typical safe-box.

For the owner of luxurious items this safe-box is a big ticket item to be used for your protection. Though it is a bit ironic to protect your valuables in something valuable, this steampunk safe-box will be a perfect conversation item. The fact that it is beautiful all by itself that might distract people from realizing that within it there are other valuable items. The high price tag is no deterreent from the work of art and protection you receive from the safe-box.