These Small-Scale Steampunk Sculptures Use Pocket Watch Parts

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: lostateminor
These infinitesimal steampunk sculptures are made from the guts and frames of re-purposed pocket watches. The metal gizmos are shaped by New Jersey artist Sue Beatrice, who uses sprockets, gizmos, crowns, and bezels, carefully placed to create intricate steampunk sculptures.

Beatrice’s 'All Natural Arts' use minor gems inlaid in particular patterns and junctions to give the animal creations twinkling eyes and wings that wink in the light. Despite being newly crafted, these mechanized sculptures appear to be aged. Among them are a variety of sprites, woodland animals, and steampunk skeletons. A pensive pixie and petite rabbit stand free, while a coiled dragon, fox, and flying angel are trapped, poised behind glass watch faces. These enclosed works of art look like something out of the industrial robot revolution, and are easily transportable as steampunk accessories or works of art.