These Steampunk Cards are Wonderfully Detailed and Decorated

 - Feb 28, 2014
References: fancy
These Steampunk cards are richly detailed and illustrated for a unique playing deck. A collaboration between Bicycle and theory11, this deck features industrial and gear-inspired designs for all of the suits. The deck also features a faux-metal box with an old-time Victorian Steampunk feel to it.

This deck is great for fans of Steampunk literature, film, role play and dress up. The Steampunk genre has a very large fanbase and number of conventions where these fans meet annually. These Steampunk cards are great for parties or collections, and stand out from your average deck of playing cards. Elegantly designed and with immense attention payed to detail, these Steampunk Cards are a fantastic gift and addition to any game night, so buckle up and get those steam engines rolling, because the party is about to begin.