Artist Paolo Curcio Creates These Artistic Coin Carvings

 - Dec 28, 2013
References: mrthehobonickels & thisiscolossal
Artist Paolo Curcio is behind these imaginative steampunk coin carvings. This series is called Hobo Nickel Art, and some of these coins actually include small depictions of homeless drifters, carrying bags over their shoulders. Curcio's coin collection is intriguing because it places artworks on unusually tiny canvases.

These pocket-sized portraits have all been done in bronze, gold and silver shades which adds to the steampunk feel behind this series. Some of these coins feature skeletons wearing bowler hats while others feature iconic aliens, monsters and clowns. These coins differ greatly from one another, but they're all tied together by the steampunk theme of the series.

Paolo Curcio's coin carvings are punkish and beautiful. Like other coins, these artworks read 'In God We Trust', but they're far from any regular kind of currency.